This is the iconic water fitness discipline. Aqua cycling has given a big boost to pool-based sports: a refreshing innovation that has quickly become a lasting trend and allowed other disciplines to make their entrance in our swimming pools. Cycling by Waterform (aqua cycling in the swimming pool) is suitable for all audiences and can help people, according to their goals, to get slimmer, eliminate cellulite (the orange peel effect), build up their muscle tone, improve their cardio and stay healthy. 

  • Waterform Pro Fix
    1 690,00 €

    WATERFORM PRO FIX AQUA BIKE, THE BEST SELLERThis aqua bike is specifically designed for two Waterform activities: Cycling and Workout by Waterform,...


Reliable and long-lasting, the Waterform aqua bike is designed to be used in all circumstances. The Waterform aqua bike is highly effective for group aqua cycling classes, personal training and physiotherapy. The handlebar and (comfortable) saddle settings make the equipment easy to adapt to all body shapes and sizes. This aqua bike was specifically designed for swimming pools: your sessions won't just be like cycling in water, but genuine and fun cardio training sessions that will help your aqua cyclists burn as many calories as possible, tone up and build muscle, all with pleasant equipment and in a safe environment.