Develop your skills, efficiency, and enjoy !


Use music as a tool to animate and create ambiance.
Develop your class versatility by acquiring new methods, techniques, and exercises - Cardio, stretching, and strength based courses with varying intensity levels.



  • Discover the environment and technical aspects of Aquasports.
  • Animate any type of group class with music as a medium to energize and create ambiance.
  • Adopt specially designed Aquasport teaching methods to optimize usage of adapted equipment (dumbbells, boots, aqua poles, belts, boxing gloves, kickboards, noodles, etc.).
  • Create a multitude of class content, evolve the sequences and movements with the Waterform methods.
  • Manage and structure your classes into three sections: warm-up, main, cool down.
  • Use the properties of water to impact movements with and without equipment.
  • Teach with methods, demonstrations, and behavior adapted to each Aquasport theme.

Module 1 (optional) - Basic Knowledge - 2 hours.
Module 2 - Applied Knowledge - 3-6 hours.
Module 3 - Workshops - 4 hours per intensity level.


For fitness and health professionals wanting to progress, innovate, and give collective lessons to a wide public at all levels with varying objectives.


Certification: no.
Format: alternation between theoretical training, workshops, and physical in pool training.
Duration: made to measure, face to face training sessions from 1 to 2.5 days (7 to 20 hours).
15 person maximum.
Training location: Waterform Montbéliard or on site.


Innovate, motivate and become a specialist in these popular activities!


Sustainably develop your aquatic fitness skills in an ever evolving career field by acquiring Waterform teaching methods and techniques. Waterform is the go to reference with over 26 years of experience to prepare and animate fun, fitness, and well being aquatic courses.



For the health, fitness, or well being professionals who desire to renew their skills, benefit from tools to facilitate their day-to-day teaching, adopt new trends and capitalize on our reputed training services.


  • Discover the environment and technical aspects of Aquasports.
  • Structure and manage the different phases of a class with our prestructured courses.
  • Build and develop movements and sequences with our methods.
  • Animate group lessons with the harmony of proper music and ambiance.
  • Use the properties of water to impact movements.
  • Execute activity specific techniques and movements with proper behaviour and teaching skills.
  • Teach aquatic fitness with the Waterform spirit and activities.


Certification: available with two evaluations of your personal competences and evolution - Waterform certification based on acquired level.
Duration: 12 hours in 1.5 days (face to face training) or 7 hours in 1 day (face to face traning) + a half day of open and distance learning.
Format: alternation between theoretical training, workshops, and physical in-pool training.
10 person maximum.
Training Location: Waterform Montbéliard or on site.


Develop and innovate your aqua activities using our global guidance and ever-evolving trimestrial courses with no licensing fees.


  • Develop your competences and collective course material.
  • Benefit from continual training and guidance to practice your profession in optimal conditions.
  • Use motivational and efficient tools.
  • Learn, adapt, and benefit from new Aquafitness trends.


For all the instructors who want to benefit from a reputed training program and provide their clients with innovative quality courses.


  • Training pro live, days rich in experience, learning and exchange with our trainers, a trimestrial offer.
  • Training Videos, to facilitate learning, adapted specifically to aquatic activities training and optimal equipment usage.
  • Prestructured courses, to learn, personalize, and create courses. You have the option to follow or adapt the prestructured classes to your needs.
  • Playlists adapted to each activity.


A variety of movements associated with specific Waterform equipment to sculpt the upper body, improve endurance, and tone abs, glutes and thighs.

Martial arts and combat sport movements to develop cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Various cardio exercises that work the upper and lower body, thin and firm the lower body, and improve overall skin quality and tone.

A fun and invigorating concept with specifically designed exercises to reinforce and develop the core, legs, and glute muscles.

An intense full body workout associated with specific Waterform equipment which creates optimal water resistance to develop muscle power and endurance (recommended for public at moderate or advanced level).

Varying exercise activities (walking, jogging, sliding...) for a complete workout. The 3 in 1 aquatic treadmill allows for different rhythms/speeds and exercise benefits.

Multi-workout program (cycling, running, jumping, cardio-training and power-sculpting) for an unparalleled fitness and health program Numerous exercises and specific movements developed for each muscle zone to sculpt the silhouette, firm up the skin, and improve endurance.

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